How to choose the right sunglasses?

7. June 2016

Buy glasses for their practical value

To find the right and comfortable glasses, one should ask the question: “Why do I need sunglasses?” We use sunglasses in everyday situations such as walking down the street or relaxing on the beach, but different hobbies and activities such as sports or driving can call for a more specific choice of eyewear.

To have the maximum profit from wearing sunglasses, these should be chosen according to the activity. Sometimes it makes sense to purchase two pairs of sunglasses: one for sports and another for leisure time. This way you will never be caught wearing designer frames while jogging, or sports glasses in the city.

Choose glasses that fit the shape of your face

The characteristics of your face are a good guide when picking the perfect eyewear. As a broad generalisation, a face can be classified into four main categories – triangle, round, square and oval.

The modern industry produces a variety of designs for sunglasses – square and round, large and small, casual and sporty, etc. To find a perfect fit for yourself, consider the following:

The shape of glasses should contrast the shape of your face.

If you have a square face, you should prefer round glasses and vice versa. Obviously every rule can have exceptions to it, and besides shape and comfort, also price and quality need to be considered when buying new frames.

Quality matters

The protection that sunglasses provide is definitely the most important aspect when choosing your pair. The best UV-protection comes with polarized sunglasses. These look like ordinary lenses, but have an extra ability to reduce glare and improve contrast. Polarized glasses are most popular among drivers and athletes, as these professions are most disturbed by excess light in their field of vision.

Dark or light tone?

It is a common misconception that dark glasses offer better protection against UV rays. In reality, lightly toned glasses are preferable, as they do not force the pupil to dilate, letting in more harmful radiance. Therefore, the pupils remain normal and are able protect themselves against sunlight.

Appropriate sunglasses are a great investment towards the long term health of your eyes. Choose your shades carefully and make a commitment. If you are unsure, consult a specialist who is trained to give you advice on the shapes and designs available.

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