Flow 2.0 eye examination

Flow 2.0 eye examination

The first step in any laser eye surgery procedure is an in-depth eye exam. This primary consultation (examination for short-sightedness/ myopia) reveals which procedure is best suited for Your vision needs. Because all eyes are unique, our evaluations are comprehensive and thorough. The first appointment takes 1.5 hours and the findings of this examination can help You achieve clear vision for a lifetime.

The initial laser eye surgery consultation enables us to determine Your best vision correction option. We recommend coming to the visit with a full stomach, so you would feel comfortable during the examination. During the appointment, an optometrist will carry out various tests and measurements to learn important information about Your eyes and determine whether or not You are a suitable candidate for Flow 2.0. It is important not to use contact lenses 1 day prior to your consultation. During the exam the optometrist will use eyedrops, which may make your close-vision blurry.

During the study, the optometrist will do the following:

  • Measure the strength of your current glasses, Rx (lensometry)
  • Measure corneal parameters (topography)
  • Measure eye refraction and visual acuity
  • Measure eye pressure (tonometer)
  • Perform contrast and color vision test
  • Perform a thorough examination of the back of the eye to find the important eye diseases

After Your Consultation, the optometrist will:

  • Talk through what vision correction procedures may be most suitable for your eyes
  • Clarify the different laser vision correction methods
  • Make sure that You understand the procedure and the necessary preparations for surgery

If the exam shows that laser surgery is suitable for Your eyes, we will find You a suitable procedure date. Sign up here for studies on the eye.

Flow 2.0 eye exam takes about 1.5 hours. We ask You to arrive to the clinic 10 minutes before Your time.