KSA Vision Clinic is good choice

KSA Vision Clinic is the leading clinic in Estonia that specializes in correcting short-sightedness with lasers. KSA Vision Clinic has dedicated and professional staff, uses modern technology, which we upgrade all the time, and offers a pleasant environment. We're certain, that all of this makes KSA a world-class eyeclinic. 


Every laser procedure performed in KSA Vision Clinic is preceded by comprehensive eye examinations, which determine the suitability of the laser procedure for each laser eye surgery patient. This lowers risks, ensures the best results and reduces the need for repeated procedures (less than 1 % at KSA). Your eye surgery will be performed at KSA only after making sure that particular procedure is absolutely suitable for your eyes. Since 2006, KSA Vision Clinic has been using ISO 9001 Quality Management Standard which ensures high quality in every stage of the treatment.

Modern Technology

KSA Vision Clinic uses the best available technology to achieve high-quality results. KSA specialists visit the best-known European vision clinics, laser manufacturers and recognized physicians on a regular basis in order to test new equipment and analyze the treatment results. As a result, the technological base of KSA Vision Clinic is supplemented almost every year. Since 2009, we are using excimer lasers from Schwind Eye Tech Solutions GmbH. Since 2014 the procedures at KSA are performed with Schwind Amaris 1050 RS Excimer laser and into the laser we have installed the latest technology: Smart Pulse Technology and Smart SurfACE first one in July 2015 and the second one in January 2016. Since January 2022 procedures are performed with the newest model of Scwhind Amaris 1050RS. The Schwind Amaris 1050RS is the world’s highest-performance eye laser system for refractive and therapeutic corneal surgery. It brings together the most advanced technology in existence. 

Dedicated Personnel

KSA Vision Clinic offers the services of dedicated specialists in the field of ophthalmology, optometry and optics. We are true fans of our field and we do our best to make your stay at our clinic as comfortable as possible, and to ensure that the outcome of the laser procedure meets your expectations 100  %. Our experience in more than 17 years –  30,000 successful laser procedures and more than 200.000 exams – proves that your eyes will receive the best treatment at KSA. The dedication of our personnel can also be acknowledged by the fact that over half of our staff members have had the procedure done to them. So they can speak from their own experience. 

Excellent Service

KSA Vision Clinic aims at being one of the top three excimer laser clinics in Europe, both in terms of treatment quality and customer service. Every year the employees of KSA visit various vision clinics all over the world to gain experience in how to further improve the customer service of KSA. Today, we can state with absolute certainty that all of our patients are provided with world-class service.

Comfortable Environment

KSA is located in Kadriorg district in Tallinn and in the city centre of Tartu. KSA is easily accessible both by means of your own and public transport. Our premises have modern design and are comfortable for our patients. 

KSA Vision Clinic is a world-class laser vision correction facility, offering the most up-to-date treatments and outstanding surgical results. Dr. Ants Haavel is an experienced eye surgeon, who together with his staff performs advanced procedures such as Flow in Estonia.