Dumitru Grubii: “I can definitely say that it was a life-changing experience”

8. March 2024

In a world where sight is paramount, imagine navigating through life with visual hurdles. Meet Dumitru Grubii, a Fraud & Payments analyst, whose professional journey has been intertwined with the challenges of astigmatism and shortsightedness – from capturing moments behind the lens to analyzing financial data on the screen. The simple moments experienced after the procedure once again made him realize how limited his vision used to be.


Please introduce yourself – what’s your job, and what are your hobbies?​

My name is Dumitru Grubii, and I am currently a Fraud & Payments analyst at CoolBet. Prior to this role, I worked at Wise as a Due Diligence Specialist. As you can see, I spend a fair share of my time in front of a screen, which is not ideal for someone who has had astigmatism and shortsightedness. Before joining these big corporations, I actually worked as a Videomaker & Photographer for several years, and I have kept this passion with me until today. For the biggest part of my life, I’ve relied heavily on my ability to see the world and transport that vision onto the small and big screen.


What do you love doing in your free time?

Whenever my one-and-a-half-year-old kid lets me have some free time, I usually enjoy reading, cooking, and taking pictures. It’s true that during winter, one spends less time outside, but at the same time, this is not an excuse to not practice—I’ve found birthday parties, sports events, and other similar activities great occasions to showcase my creativity.

What was your life like before laser eye surgery when you had to wear glasses/lenses every day and could not see clearly?

Shortsightedness significantly complicated my professional life as a photographer, videomaker, and video editor. Achieving precise focus and capturing intricate details posed challenges, making my work more time-consuming.

Constantly switching between glasses and camera lenses disrupted my workflow, with foggy or smudged glasses hindering my ability to assess compositions accurately during critical moments. This inconvenience extended beyond work, affecting activities like sports and playing with my child, where the immediate enjoyment was sometimes compromised by the presence of glasses.

How did that affect your everyday life, work, hobbies?

It may sound silly, but such a simple thing as squeezing the eyes could change the way people perceive you. Wearing glasses due to my shortsightedness led to a habit of frequently squeezing my eyes in an effort to focus. This unintentional behavior, developed over time to compensate for visual limitations, may have influenced how others perceived me. Squinting could have conveyed a sense of anger or concentration, potentially impacting interactions. Opting for laser eye surgery aims to eliminate this habit and improve not only my vision but also how I present myself, fostering a more confident and natural way of engaging with the people around me.

Do you have any funny stories or memories from your own life about what happened when you couldn’t see clearly?

Recognizing friends from a distance was always a challenge. The combination of astigmatism and shortsightedness meant that I often mistook strangers for acquaintances (or the opposite). Awkward greetings or accidental interactions with the wrong person became my “signature” before starting to wear glasses all the time.


Why did you decide to get rid of shortsightedness and do the laser eye surgery? Why now?

I decided to undergo laser eye surgery to address my shortsightedness and my astigmatism after being impressed by the positive outcomes experienced by friends in Italy who had undergone a similar procedure. Their stories prompted me to research further, and upon discovering the excellent reviews for the KSA clinic in Tallinn, I felt confident in choosing this option for myself. The decision was then motivated by a desire to improve my overall quality of life by eliminating the need for glasses.

How did you find/hear about KSA? Was it an easy decision to do it here?

A Google search led me to discover the KSA clinic in Tallinn. Initially drawn in by positive reviews on Google Maps, I further explored the clinic's website and found compelling testimonials that solidified my decision to choose KSA for my laser eye surgery.

How did the laser procedure day go? Did you have any fears/expectations, and how was the reality?

The procedure itself was extremely fast; it took less than 10 full minutes. Initially, the doctor explained the whole process, what was about to happen, and how the recovery would proceed. Then we did another round of tests to see if I was ready for the procedure to start. Considering how much I rely on my vision, I was quite scared of undergoing any eye-related procedure for my whole life. An irrational fear, similar to the fear of dentists when one is a kid. No one in my family has ever had such a sophisticated procedure, and it felt strange for me to even consider one. But when I finished my round of checkups to see if I am even suitable for such laser surgery, I totally changed my mind on it. Arina, the optometrist that visited me, reassured me of the safety and high standards that such a clinic has. It felt like a no-brainer.

What has changed in your life after the procedure now that you can see without glasses/lenses?

I can definitely say that it was a life-changing experience. The freedom from glasses has made a significant impact on my daily life. Simple things like waking up, taking a bath with my child, or being able to see the small print on packages without reaching for glasses have brought a sense of liberation.

Can you name some things/activities that you enjoy more now than before? Did you have a “wow effect” or a specific moment that you had the realization that you can see with your own eyes now?

I enjoy being able to play with my child without worrying about him breaking my glasses or them falling off. Lately, he started to like taking my glasses and playing with them—which was far from ideal since they cost around €400. I love being able to simply wear any pair of sunglasses without getting half-blind immediately after. Previously, I had to use some attachments which made my glasses heavy and ugly. I feel way more confident and secure at night because I don’t have those refractions and glares caused by astigmatism anymore. Driving also was heavily affected since no amount of lens correction can fully remove the issue caused by astigmatism. When learning English, I remember practicing my spelling by using the letters and the numbers written on the car plates. I still have this habit, and from time to time, when walking out with the dog, I still do it. I was astonished when I realized that I could see numbers that were quite far away—I couldn’t do that before, even with my glasses on. It’s simple moments like these that make you realize how limited you were before.