Laser Eye Surgery Diagnostic Tools in KSA Vision Clinic

Laser Eye Surgery Diagnostic Tools in KSA Vision Clinic

Pentacam HR – brilliant image of the cornea

The initial eye exam before the laser procedure at KSA Vision Clinic is performed by using Pentacam HR device from Oculus Optikgeräte GmbH, the leading manufacturer of diagnostic equipment in Europe. This device provides the optometrist and the surgeon with important information about the cornea. The examination is convenient for the patient and lasts for only a short period of time.

Pentacam is a rotating camera that stores the image of the entire anterior part of the eye in the computer. Pentacam uses technology that ensures a bright and sharp image, and incorporates all the information about the status of the corneal surface and its interior. The image provides the optometrist and the surgeon with crucial information about the exact dimensions of the patient’s cornea and autocorrects any image disturbances caused by minor eye movements.

Pentacam allows precise measurement of the following corneal parameters:

  • three-dimensional topographic image of the corneal surface and assessment of its condition;
  • athe exact thickness of the cornea;
  • three-dimensional corneal analysis (image and mapping);
  • measurement of lens thickness (describes refraction and penetration);
  • tomography image (visualisation of the cornea);  

Main benefits of Pentacam HR include the following:

  • improved optics and higher resolution (1.45 megapixels);
  • sharper and clearer image of the interior of the cornea;
  • more precise imaging of corneal layers;
  • corneal scanning speed is more than 100 images in less than 2 seconds;
  • innovative fixation target system (makes the exam easier for patients with severe vision impairment);

Each corneal image made with Pentacam can be viewed individually on the computer. Image shows the curvature of the patient’s cornea, each point of which can be measured individually on the screen.

Pentacam generates colored so-called elevation maps of the corneal surface, based directly on camera measurements. Information about each corneal point is only a click away.

Such 3D models illustrate different layers of the cornea. In order to provide a clear overview of the cornea, different colours are used to indicate each layer.


OCULUS_PentacamHRSchwind Sirius – thorough mapping
of the eye

Schwind Sirius is a multi-functional diagnostic device that provides innovative solutions for the doctors to provide a three-dimensional measurement of the eyes' condition. The device is extremely precise and detects even the smallest irregularities in the cornea. Schwind Sirius makes the procedure quick and contact-free.

Schwind Sirius is a diagnostic device that combines innovative solutions in refractive surgery and corneal therapy. Precise and multi-functional Schwind Sirius combines a rotating camera and corneal topography. This 2in1 solution provides a quick three-dimensional analysis of the whole cornea and the eye. High resolution with measurement accuracy of only one micrometre and more than 100 000 analysis points help to detect even the smallest irregularities and defects on the cornea.
Contact-free measurement of the eye allows comprehensive assessment of the corneal properties and surface topography. Schwind Sirius also enables the screening and monitoring of keratoconus. The integrated pupillometer captures the pupil diameter either dynamically or statically according to the lighting conditions.

Schwind diagnostics system - taking into account the peculiarities of the eye

Schwind diagnostic devices make it possible to prepare individual treatment plans for each patient. Schwind Cam software, used with Schwind equipment, does not miss any significant details and thus allows the doctor to prepare a tailored treatment plan for each patient. As for the surgeon, Schwind diagnostics system combines ultimate precision and user-friendliness. Schwind diagnostics system allows individual treatment of each patient based on their needs and requirements by using either wavefront or corneal pachymetry technology.

Corneal wavefront

Schwind has developed a wavefront method that helps to analyse the extent of refractive errors of the anterior corneal surface and accurately determine their type.

Keratoconus screening

Schwind Sirius offers detailed examination of keratoconus by accurate description of the morphology as well as classification of the problem.

Corneal pachymetry

Extreme precision of Schwind Sirius allows mapping the corneal thickness to its full extent.


Integrated pupillometer captures the pupil diameter either dynamically or statically according to the lighting conditions.

KSA Vision Clinic uses the latest tools and treatment techniques to help all Flow patients to achieve their clearest vision possible. Using the Pentacam and Schwind diagnostic devices, KSA’s physicians are able to determine which treatment is best for each patient.