Postpay opportunities

Postpay opportunities

LHV Financing

With LHV financing you can enjoy life without glasses right away and pay in small amounts. First year is with 0% interest! 
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KSA Vision Clinic, in partnership with LHV bank, is offering payment plans with the first 12 months interest free. In the first year, you only need to pay the instalments as per the contract. Interest fees will only apply for payment plans of over 12 months. 

Why to use financing: 

  • Answer to your application in minutes
  • Reasonable interest rates starting from 9,9  % 
  • Down payment starting from 0 euros
  • First year is with 0  % interest 
  • Positive answer for financing will last for 180 days 


  • Minimum income 300 euros a month 
  • Crediting amount starting from 50 euros 
  • Contract fee 19,90 euros
  • Contract can last up to 48 months
  • Monthly service fee 0,99 euros 

The hire-purchase service is offered by AS LHV Finance. Review the terms and conditions at the vendor or the address and consult our expert.
The hire-purchase service is offered by AS LHV Finance. Review the terms and conditions at the vendor or the address and consult our expert. The monthly hire-purchase payment is 243,48 € and the annual percentage rate of charge is 2,04% on the following sample terms and conditions: cost of the product/service 2890 €, down-payment 0%, credit amount 2890 €, annual interest rate of 0,00% of the purchase amount (fixed), contract fee 19,90 €, monthly service fee 0,99 €, hire-purchase period of 12 months, with monthly annuity payments, in the total sum of 2921,78 € and the total sum of monthly payments being 2921,78 €.

Medicredit Financing 

Get rid of your glasses with the help of MediCredit medical loan.
KSA Vision Clinic in collaboration with MediCredit offers an excellent opportunity to pay for your laser procedure in installments and with a favourable interest rate.
  • Medicredit´s payment by instalments
  • Loan amounts form 150 euros to 6000 euros
  • First payment 0 euros
  • Agreement fee 0 euros
  • Extra charges none
  • Interest is calculated only from the balance of the loan!
  • The loan can be repaid during the period of your choice – from 3 months to 4 years.
  • Regarding other amounts of loan, please contact Medicredit´s specialists to agree on the exact monthly payments.
The loan issued by MediCredit OÜ is a financial obligation. Before applying for a loan please consider your financial capabilities and the period during which the loan can be repaid. Carefully consider your decision, examine the terms and conditions and, if necessary, consult with our specialist who will find the best solution for you. E.g. when borrowing 1200 euros for 48 months, the interest is 17.6  % from the loan balance per year, contribution 0  %, contract fee 0 euros, total amount of payments 1680 euros, payment in monthly annuity payments 35 euros per month. The annual percentage rate of charge is 19.1  %.

Swedbank small loan – easier than hire-purchase 

Together with Swedbank, we are offering small loans on favourable terms. 
It is a convenient and quick way to pay for your purchase right away, with repayment taking place later via instalments.
- Agreement fee € 0
- Annual interest 0  %
To get a small loan on special terms, use the discount code KSA when applying.

What do I need to do?
1. Choose a small loan from the app or the Internet Bank.
2. Fill in the application and add the discount code.
3. You will receive a quick response to your request.
4. Sign an agreement and the money will be immediately transferred to your account.
5. Make a purchase.
More about the discount: 
The small loan is provided by Swedbank AS. Read more about the terms and conditions, and consult a specialist, if necessary. The annual percentage rate of charge is 19.714  % under the following model conditions: loan amount € 2,000, fixed interest 17.90  %, agreement fee € 0, loan period 2 years, number of repayments 24, repayment amount € 2,365.44, total credit cost € 365.44, total amount of credit € 2,365.44.