After Laser Eye Surgery

After Laser Eye Surgery

Follow-up treatment and care are just as important as the laser eye procedure itself. It is especially important that You use the eye drops given to You as accurately as possible, following the prescribed schedule. Please read the following tips carefully. In case You have any questions please contact KSA Vision Clinic. We are there for You during Your recovery period.

After the treatment

During the first days after Your laser eye surgery in Tallinn make sure that Your eyes are as lubricated as possible. Do not touch Your eyes. Use a disposable soft tissue for wiping away tears (gently dab closed eyes).

On the procedure day, we tell You once again how to use eye drops safely and without touching Your eyes.

It is also important to wear protective glasses that we give You after surgery because most other sunglasses do not provide sufficient protection. You need to wear protective glasses while awake, according to the instructions given by Dr. Haavel.

Immediately after the Flow 2.0 laser procedure, the surgeon places a thin oxygen-permeable contact lenses in your eyes, which remain in the eye for the next 6-8 days and nights. Contact lenses provide protection for the eye surface and guarantee a sufficient eyesight.

After the procedure, visual acuity will be about 50-70 %, which is enough to get around on your own, but not enough to drive a car. This is why you mustn't drive a car for 72 hours after the procedure.

1 week
The first post-procedure checkup will take place 6-8 days after the procedure. That is when Your contact lenses will be removed. The first checkup will be booked on the day of surgery. Your visual acuity during the first checkup should be about 70-100 %. 

You can continue with Your active lifestyle 24 hours after the contact lenses have been removed. Fast recovery is one of the main reasons why people choose Flow 2.0.

1 month
The second checkup is usually 1 month after the contact lenses have been removed. We will check Your eyes again and if needed give You more eye drops or change the treatment schedule.

3 months 
During the third checkup we'll do a summary of Your eyes, and will check them again. By this time, Your visual acuity should be at maximum.

6 months
The bigger the minus, the longer Your recovery will be. That's why we've added a 4th checkup. By this time, even big minuses have really good visual acuity. 

We advise You to listen to Your body. You'll be in this situation for the first and last time in Your life, so if You have any questions, don't hesitate to give us a call and get some answers.