KSA Eye Clinic focuses on correcting short-sightedness. Over 30 000 successful procedures and over 200 000 eye exams guarantee that Your vision will be fixed at KSA.

Before checking out our pricelist, we would like to bring to Your attention 2 aspects.
1. According to popular beliefs, laser procedures are expensive. But in reality, the procedure actually saves You thousands of euros. Not convinced? Check out our cost calculator, enter Your data and see for yourself. 
2. People usually look for the cheapest offer. This is a normal human behaviour, but not when Your eyes are at stake. 99  % of our clients are not refractive surgeons, so before making such a decision, have a look at our testimonials to see what our clients have to say about the procedure. It is smart to think twice, because You only want to take this procedure once.

Laser procedure

Whether or not You are a suitable patient for the Flow procedure depends on the results of Your eye exam and the following discussion. The price list represents fees for two eyes, correcting a single eye will cost only half the price.

Pre-procedure eye exams for patients with myopia in Tallinn and Tartu 69 €
Flow: 100  % incisionless laser procedure
  • 1 year of check-ups
  • If necessary, free recurring procedures within 7 years
  • Transportation within the city after the procedure
  • Protective, designer sunglasses
  • 24/7 helpdesk hotline for patients after the procedure
  • Eye drops and medication for fast recovery
2890 €

Eye exams
KSA will offer a solution for every vision problem. Our exams give a thorough overview of the condition of your eyes and possible options for improvement.
Pre-procedure eye exams (Flow 2.0) 69 €
SmartKid eye exam for children (4 to 17 years) 79 €
Exam for small children (2.5 to 3 years) 59 €
Audit eye exam for adults 139 €
Recurring diagnostics for patients treated at other eye clinics
  • Eye examination
  • Refractometry
  • Keratometry
  • Tonometry
  • Fundus photography
  • Topography
  • Scheimpflug imaging
  • Corneal topography and biomicroscopy
  • Summary of all above for Your ophthalmologist
169 €
Extracurricular post-procedure consultations (after 1st year) 39 €
Extracurricular post-procedure consultations (after 3rd year) 49 €
Lacrimed or Form Fit tear duct plugs  150 €
Lacrimed or Form Fit tear duct plugs for Flow 2.0 procedure clients 45 €
  • First examination is 50 % cheaper for students and the procedure is 100 € cheaper. Correcting a single eye is 50 € cheaper.
  • Flow 2.0 Eye examination is 30 % off for MyFitness members.
  • Price list is valid until 31.01.2024. 
  • KSA Vision Clinic in Tallinn performs eye examinations and medical services related to laser procedures which are performed by optometrists and ophthalmologist.
  • KSA Vision Clinic in Tartu performs only eye examinations which are performed by optometrists.

Rod Solar is a specialist at London Vision Clinic, one of the world’s most valued eye clinics. See his opinion on procedure pricing.