Laser Eye Surgery at KSA Vision Clinic

Laser Eye Surgery at KSA Vision Clinic

KSA Vision Clinic only recommends eye surgery when we are absolutely sure that each stage of the procedure will be successful. You as the patient though, have the most important role in determining this outcome. If you have decided to have the procedure, we recommend you read about the different stages of it, as well as the requirements and suggestions to ensure a safe and comfortable surgery. You will be given a full overview of the procedure during your first visit. Should you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact KSA Vision Clinic. We are always happy to help.

Preparations before the Flow 2.0 laser procedure

At least 10 days before the procedure, you mustn't use contact lenses, because they cause your cornea to change it's shape and refraction. It might be only about 0,5 diopters, but for the best result possible, we don't want that kind of change in your vision before the procedure.    

In general, there are no restrictions on what not to eat or what medications you may take on the day before the procedure. However, it is important to tell Dr. Haavel and his staff about all the medications you are currently taking.

Please remove all eye make-up at least 8 hours before the procedure. Make sure that your face and eyes are absolutely free of make-up on the day of your procedure. If you are wearing make-up on the day of surgery, the procedure may be postponed as a safety precaution.

We would like to point out that perfume and alcohol affect laser's work, so we ask you not to drink any alcohol at least 24 hours before the procedure and not to put on any perfume in the morning. You should also avoid hair products that contain alcohol, such as a hairspay or a styling foam.

Procedure Day

It is only normal and natural to feel nervous or anxcious before the procedure. However, do not take any anti-anxiety medicines on your own; instead you may request such medicines from us before the procedure if you feel the need for them.

Wear comfortable clothes and avoid fluffy ones that may give off puffs during the surgery (e.g. woollen clothing).

Do not worry about sunglasses. KSA Vision Clinic will give you a pair for free, as your eyes will be irritated and sensitive to light. The sensitivity to light will usually pass within 24 hours after the procedure.

In order to respect other patients and to make your stay at the clinic as comfortable as possible, we suggest you do not take small children or infants to the clinic, if possible. Your visit to the clinic on the procedure day lasts for approximately 1–1.5 hours. 


1. It is important to rest on the day of your surgery. Dr. Haavel and his staff recommend clearing your schedule for the next 24 hours after the procedure. 

2. Come to our clinic with a positive attitude, full stomach and arrive 10 minutes before your actual time. Here you'll find everything you need to relax – good music, tea, coffee, snacks and refreshing drinks. 

3. The laser procedure is simple and relatively comfortable, but people are different and tolerate situations differently. So we will give you enough time to relax and feel good before the beginning of the procedure.  

4. Always avoid rubbing your eyes. Rubbing is never a good idea – in case of irritation, use lubricating eye drops or gently splash cold water onto closed eyelids.

5. Right after the procedure you will stand up and see relatively good and you may leave our clinic. First hours after the procedure your eyes are still under the effect of numbing eye drops, which make you feel like your eyes are dry, so in the first 3 hours we advise you use lubricating eye drops in every 15 minutes. After that you can use them every hour or whenever you feel necessary.

6. Our nurses will give you written guides and medication schemes which show you how to use the eyedrops after the procedure. All these schemes will be explained thoroughly before the procedure, too. You will also be given a phone number, for 24/7 phone support – we're always here for you. 

7. We will order you a taxi after the procedure, and will send you home for free within Tallinn or to the airport, harbour, bus station or train terminal. 

8. Every surgical procedure is a teamwork and You are one of the team members. Provided you follow our medication schemes and recommendations, the result will make us all happy. So take time off for one week of your life to get a supreme vision for the rest of your life!

Life is better with good vision!