Life is better with good vision
"Every day when I wake up with sharp crisp look I smile and this positive energy takes me easily through the whole day. " - Katrina

The leading eye clinic in Estonia.

5 reasons why you should consider KSA Vision Clinic

Safe and professional
Our experience with laser eye surgery dates back to 2005. Since then we have done 30.000 laser eye operations and examined and consulted more than 200 thousand individuals. All our clients have access to this pool of vast experience. 
We carry modern technology
KSA exam and operating rooms are equipped with modern technology which provide us reliable results and safety and comfort to our patients. If you visit our clinics you understand what we mean serious business in our field.
100  % only laser procedure for myopia correction.
As we have seen even adventurous and bold people prefer safety if their eyes and vision are concerened. Our laser does not cut or touch the eyes if it corrects the myopia and treats the eye, it is true 100  % laser method.
We organize your travel and stay in Tallinn
30  % of our clients come from abroad. Our customer service would assist with your travelling and accommodation. Please contact and we will assist you before, during and after treatments.
5 year guarantee
We have seen that meticulous diagnostics and patient selection offers safety, stability and unrivaled vision quality for long years. Therefore we offer 5 year free services after laser procedure done by Flow method.

It all starts from precise diagnosis

Did you know that the success in laser eye procedures lays in meticulous diagnostics and candidate selection process? Either you are the best candidate or not for the eagle vision that we can search out if you contact us and apply for initial vision testing. 

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KSA Vision Clinics are located in Tallinn and Tartu.

KSA Vision Clinic

Flow 2.0 laser eye surgery 
Flow 2.0 - no-touch no-cut laser eye surgery method that gives unrivaled vison quality. Laser surgery has never been so safe before.

Vision exams
for children
Kids are our future and by presenting them good vision we can give them balanced development..
Vision exams by
Complete eye and vision testing by  high-tech diagnostic equipment.


“Just do it!”
- Brother and sister Kristina and Johannes Sikk
“I have 100% trust in the work of dr Ants Haavel."”
- Tobias Ewering
“It’s just awesome!”
- Ivo Reinok
To catch the eye of your partner, notice their mood — this is the key to all stories with a happy ending. Catching a moment and communicating from eye to eye and heart to heart is important both in real life and on stage. We are glad that we could help Ivo, a promising young Estonian actor, sharpen his vision.
“My vision is really good now.”
- Marjut Kähönen
An ordinary day can become bright and routine activities special, if the fog disperses. Is it not wonderful to clearly see everything beside, around and especially in front of you?
We are glad that we could make one miracle happen for Marjut. We wish you wonderful days, Marjut!
“I see more, I experience more!”
- Kristjan Tolmats
To cite a song, a man must be accurate — and basketball, tennis and other sports that require an accurate hand and sharp vision only confirm that message. It is not very easy to be brilliantly accurate if your vision is constantly blurry. It was our pleasure to help Kristjan — he now has clear vision that guarantees a high score on any basketball court!