5 things which are easier in winter with good vision

16. January 2018

Great vision, true freedom of movement, and the feeling that you can always trust your eyes are all important at any time of the year. But there are still certain things which are easier and more enjoyable in winter if you don’t have to worry about contact lenses or glasses.

1. Doing winter sports: skiing, skating, and playing in the snow

Winter and the fluffy white snow pretty much draw us outdoors. Different competitions and events are organised, one of the most famous being the Tartu Ski Marathon. Whether you can ski 6, 16, or 63 kilometres and whether you prefer skating or classic style, the main thing is to get involved – but also to be comfortable. Sharp vision makes doing sport in winter all the more enjoyable.

2. Heading inside

Anyone who wears glasses knows that feeling of walking into a warm room from a heavy frost (or even 0 degrees) and the entire world turns instantly foggy. It’s also extremely frustrating when you need to start driving but you can’t right away because your glasses are foggy and you can’t drive without your glasses either because your vision isn’t sharp enough.

3. Wearing a hat during winter

We have heard so many of our clients celebrating the fact that they can finally wear a winter hat after having a Flow laser procedure! “Glasses don’t suit a lot of hats,” one of our clients recently said. “The frames constantly get stuck in the side of the hat,” added another. And it is serious: glasses frames can change the shape of the hat and often get stuck in the hat material. But wearing a hat is essential in winter to stay warm.

4. When the sun comes out

Days are short from November to March and so the sun is especially welcome. Unfortunately, bright sun in winter can be harmful to the eyes as the snow can strongly reflect the sun’s rays. Wearing sunglasses is important to protect your eyes and lets you be outside without worrying. Skiing in good weather usually requires wearing sunglasses, for instance. With good vision, you can put your sunglasses on and enjoy – and not worry about prescription glasses or contact lenses.

5. Getting about in the sleet and snow

With good vision, you no longer need to worry about not seeing in the sleet and snow. Even if there is a blizzard, your world is still sharp. But if you wear glasses you’ll find them getting dirty and covered in snow. They do have one advantage, however: the glasses stop the snow from getting as easily into your eyes.

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