Eye health ABC in springtime

14. April 2023
The long awaited spring is finally here! With pollen and dust in the air and harsh sunlight in your eyes, it is time to think about the health your eyes. To enjoy a carefree spring, remember the following advice. 

Protect your eyes from the sun

Sunlight contains vitamin D all year round. This is vital to us, and gives us lots of energy. But our eyes are most sensitive to bright sunlight especially in springtime. Remember the following advice when enjoying the early sunshine.
1. Never stare directly into the sun, as this can cause eye damage. Be careful also when looking at the sunrise and sunset.
2. Use quality sunglasses with UVA and UVB protection. Prefer polarized lenses when possible.

Pay attention to children’s vision

Not only adults need to wear sunglasses. Children’s eyes are much more receptive to UV rays. In spring, children spend more time outside in the bright sunlight, and therefore should wear sunglasses or hats to protect their eyes from the intense rays of the sun.

Wash your eyes with lukewarm water

Spring usually causes a wave of allergies, which can have an impact on the condition of our eyes. Spring air contains pollen and dust, both easily caught by the mucosa of the eye. If you have something stuck in your eye, do not rub, but rinse your eyes with warm water.
To fight allergies, contact your pharmacist or optician. They will be able to recommend moisturizing eye drops or allergy medication for your relief.

Have your eyes examined regularly

Spring is a good time to check your eyes. Taking care of your eye health should be as natural as checking your blood pressure or seeing a dentist. Regular visits to an optometrist or ophthalmologist can help discover possible changes in your vision.
If you want to enjoy an active and energetic lifestyle in the summer, you should already be thinking about the wellbeing of your eyes. Do not underestimate the need to keep your eyes healthy, it is a part of a wholesome lifestyle. Eyes are the mirror of the soul, so keep an eye on them!