Protective Eyewear for Kids’ Sports

8. April 2016
Did you know sports injuries are one of the most common causes of blindness in kids?   90  % of these injuries could easily be prevented with the right eye gear.

For the same reason professional athletes wear safety equipment like helmets, children need protective eyewear to guard their eyes - even if they do not need corrective lenses! Sport-specific protective eyewear can have prescription or nonprescription lenses and feature: lightweight impact-resistant lens materials, polarization, UV protection, wraparound styling, and rubber padding. We carry modern frames in a variety of fun colors to keep your young athlete’s eyesight safe while also keeping them in style.  

Make sure your active young patients sport protective eyewear during their game. Show parents, coaches, and kids this video, which explains why experts recommend that kids wear protective frames - and shows some sleek new styles.

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