Can you do eye surgery in summer?

5. July 2019

Many of our clients have asked whether eye surgery can be performed during the warm summer months. The answer is yes – below are some reasons why.

"In the old days medical operations were often not performed in the summer, as without proper antibiotics and medicine the recovery was harder during the warm summer months as opposed to the cooler winter weather," says KSA Vision Clinic’s eye surgeon Dr Ants Haavel. However, he also reminds us that today the technology and medicines are so advanced that the seasons won’t make any difference to the results.

"At KSA Vision Clinic we free people from glasses every day, and instead of "operation" we refer to the Flow method as a procedure. Thanks to the modern laser the eye is not cut, meaning faster recovery and better results," explains Dr Haavel.

Dr Haavel also mentions that in many countries around the world it is warm all year round, yet laser eye procedures are performed every month. "There is absolutely no difference with the results – and the Nordic summers are not even that warm," he reassures.

So when is the best time to have a laser eye procedure? "I always advise that the most suitable time is when you feel ready. The time, day or season should not influence your decision in any way," says Dr Haavel. What matters instead is that you are the right age (18-45 years old) when the eyes are properly developed, your eyesight has stabilised and your overall health and well-being is in order.