Advantages of being glass free during Sports

15. February 2016


Better peripheral vision. Though sports eyeglasses can be made with large, wraparound-style lenses, most prescription eyeglasses have small, relatively flat lenses and small frames. This significantly limits peripheral vision essential for many sports.

Unobstructed field of view. Glass free vision also provide a wide, unobstructed field of view, because no eyeglass frames block or distort what you see. You can view more of your surroundings and react faster to objects coming at you and to other players around you. You also can more easily see and react to ground balls or other objects at your feet.  

Less likelihood of fogging up or getting splattered. Unlike eyeglasses, contacts or your own natural eyes after Flow 2.0 usually remain clear regardless of environment or weather conditions such as rain.  

Less chance of injury. Eyeglasses may break and cause an eye injury if you take a hard hit, but contact lenses won't.

More stable vision. When you wear eyeglasses, you can feel frames move slightly on your face with each stride. And you can have vision disturbances with eyeglasses when you run. With contact lenses or no-cut not touch Flow 2.0 eye surgery, you also don't need to worry about eyeglasses sliding down your nose or falling off.  

Better compatibility with safety equipment. For sports that require headgear or protective goggles, contact lenses don't interfere with the fit or comfort of these safety devices.

KSA Vision Clinic offers consultations for sports vision and performs no-cut no-touch Flow 2.0 laser eye surgery especially meant for people who enjoy sports and active life style. Flow laser procedure is strong the most modern alternative to LASIK and Femto LASIK with corneal cut procedures from the recent past.