A globetrotting Schwind engineer at KSA

1. August 2013

A few days ago we had Daniel, a Schwind engineer, at KSA Vision Clinic to do a regular check-up for our laser. Daniel visits a new country almost every week thanks to his job. This year he’s already been to South America a couple of times and was in Moscow just before he came to Tallinn.

Daniel admitted, though, that usually he has no time to explore the city he’s currently working in. He normally goes to a clinic straight from the airport, then to a hotel, back to the clinic in the morning and flies home in the afternoon. He has been to Tallinn once before and managed to find a couple of hours during this visit, too, to walk around the Old Town.

Daniel said that even though he spends hours on planes and in airports and it is hard to constantly change time zones, he really enjoys his job. Travelling is part of the routine for all Schwind engineers, because all of the Schwind lasers around the world are maintained only by people trained by the German company. Those engineers always have the freshest information about the lasers and their software. Thus they have the best skills to look after the lasers, too. By flying around the world the Schwind engineers make sure that the clinics that use their technology offer their clients the best and safest service possible.

Daniel assured us that the laser we use at KSA Vision Clinic – the Amaris 750S – is the best there is. The laser has extra safety checks and is more precise and faster than the older ones and that puts it at the top of laser eye surgery technology.