KSA Medica Newsletter Terms

I hereby give KSA Medica OÜ (registry code 14391553, address J. Vilmsi 5, Tallinn 10126) my consent, that I may withdraw at any time, for using my contact information for sending me newsletters and other commercial communication about KSA Medica.
KSA Medica OÜ will not transmit any disclosed contact data for purposes not mentioned in this consent, other than in cases provided by law to state authorities where this is required to perform their statutory duties.
Any newsletters and other commercial communication will be transmitted in the name of or via KSA Medica OÜ.
You have the right:
- to opt-out from receiving commercial communication at any time, by clicking the link provided in every offer;
- contact KSA Medica OÜ, should you have any questions about the use of your contact information, either by calling 644 5060 or sending an e-mail to info@ksa.ee;
- ask KSA Medica OÜ to present you the data that KSA Medica OÜ has collected about you;
Contact information of KSA Medica OÜ: J. Vilmsi 5, Tallinn 10126; e-mail: info@ksa.ee, telephone 644 5060