Why did a young fiddle player choose to have a laser eye procedure before summer?

22. May 2014

Matis Leima (22) is the youngest member of Zetod, an award-winning Estonian folk band. He recently underwent a laser eye procedure, with timing before summer being essential. Why?

"At first I thought that I would work performing at gigs and festivals throughout the summer and earn money for the procedure. But then I found out that I could pay in instalments, with the first year being totally interest free," explains Matis Leima on his decision to get rid of his short-sightedness before the summer peak season. Now Matis can settle the entire payment at the beginning of autumn – but even if his financial circumstances change before then, he still has the flexibility to pay later during the first year after the procedure without any interest or additional expenses.

Matis has worn eyeglasses for most of his life, yet deep down he always dreamt of perfect vision. For some reason even the thought of a laser procedure seemed complicated, hard, expensive and risky. "Looking back, my concerns had no grounds at all. I actually had my initial consultation a year ago, but now the time seemed right for the procedure – my eyesight had stabilised and I was in good health," tells Matis happily.

In early July Tallinn hosted the Estonian Song Festival, one of the largest choral events in the world with 30,000 singers performing to an audience of over 80,000 people. With improved vision he enjoyed witnessing the tens of thousands of spectators and even spotting some friends from the audience. "That event rocked with great vision! I was waving at my friends and when balloons were released in the air I easily noticed their colours rather than just seeing some random blur in the sky," tells Matis with genuine excitement.

One month after the laser procedure, his recovery has gone as planned. Since the Flow procedure doesn’t cut the eye, the healing process takes slightly longer, but in the long run it is considerably safer. "In the mornings my eyes have rested and my eyesight is clear, yet by the evening my eyes can get tired. But my eyesight is improving day by day!"

Listen to Zetod music here: www.zetod.ee/eng