What’s the actual cost of wearing glasses or contact lenses?

26. January 2016

Our clients are satisfied when they realise that laser eye surgery is only a one-off expense, with significant long-term savings of thousands of Euros.

It is a common misconception that laser eye surgery is too expensive to be a realistic option for many people, but even with simple calculations the savings are obvious when compared to the long-term costs of wearing glasses or contact lenses.

It is worthwhile to have a good think about how to spend the money you’ve earned - to invest once in perfect vision with the knowledge that there won’t be any more regular expenses, or to buy new contact lenses every month or a new pair of glasses every couple of years? The latter options won’t cost a lot each time, but the expenses definitely add up over the years.

At KSA Vision Clinic we offer the latest technology at great value. Non-contact Flow procedure costs 2190 Euros. Apart from the long-term savings, the comfort and convenience of perfect vision is ever more important. After surgery, many of our clients are like little children – excited about discovering all the new colourful details in the world around them that they had never noticed before.

If you are still concerned about the upfront cost, we can arrange a payment plan to pay for your laser procedure in monthly installments.