The freedom to participate in your favourite sports

14. November 2014

Helena Ingermann (24) works as a nurse and is into motocross racing. She tells us how her lifelong dream was to be able to fall asleep while watching TV. Now that she no longer wears glasses after her Flow procedure, the dreams have come true.

Life is about little details. Helena feels that after getting rid of her visual handicap, the details in her life have become sharper and better, influencing her general wellbeing in a very positive way. “Now I can work in peace and not worry about my eyes. Earlier, when I was wearing contact lenses, my eyes became dry and tired by the evening,” says Helena, remembering the times when her eyes still needed contact lenses or glasses for her work at the plastical surgery clinic.

You need an excellent sight for motocross

Helena is a versatile woman with many interesting hobbies. Besides working as a nurse, she is also into motocross. In this field, excellent sight was something that she was missing. Only now, after the laser procedure, she can fully enjoy her hobby. Helena explains: “Motocross is a lot about sand and mud flying around, with an addition of lots of dust and fog. None of this is healthy for the eyes, and will be an annoyance when wearing contact lenses. I have often had to stop by the track and fix my lenses, sometimes I’ve even had to stop the race because of them.”

Prescription glasses did not help her either. “It felt so dangerous!” says Helena with a shiver. “Some wear glasses under the motorcycle goggles, but I could not. I started imagining what would happen if I fell…”

Excellent night vision

Now Helena can ride her bike as bold and fast as she wants, because her eyes no longer limit her freedom. “I can trust my eyes and vision,” Helena says when describing her hobby. “This is extremely important in motocross. I need to keep my eyes on the ground and react really fast.”

Also her night vision is now excellent. By the end of the day, her eyes used to be tired, sore and in tears. Now she has none of these problems! “I enjoy life to the fullest!” she exclaims.