KSA Vision Clinic’s optometrist Liisi Toom’s experiences of the Flow procedure

22. January 2015

At times optometrists and eye surgeons recommend that their patients get rid of eye glasses, yet they wear eye glasses themselves. KSA Vision Clinic’s optometrist Liisi Toom now enjoys life without glasses thanks to a recent Flow procedure.

Liisi Toom used to work at an optometry practice. Being surrounded by eye glasses every day, she never even thought of getting rid of them. However, working at KSA Vision Clinic made her realise how much easier life without glasses would actually be. "Our clients often asked me why I wore glasses when the Flow procedure was available. Now that I have had this procedure, I can share my own experiences with them, and I also understand their questions and concerns better," says Liisi, who had to wait until her eyesight had stabilised before undergoing the procedure.

Liisi’s procedure was done in May this year, quickly and in comfortable and familiar surroundings. There is nothing heavy surrounding her eyes anymore, and life in general is much easier without glasses. "Previously I had to constantly think about when to take my contact lenses out, ensure that I had all my contact lens solutions with me when travelling and place my eye glasses in a safe place where they wouldn’t get broken," recalls Liisi of her life before the procedure. She was one of those people who wasn’t particularly fond of glasses, but she didn’t find wearing contact lenses very comfortable either. "For me the Flow procedure turned out to be the ideal solution," says Liisi.

Thanks to her in-depth knowledge of various options for laser procedure methods, Liisi thoroughly considered her choices before making a decision. Given its convenience and low risks, she opted for the Flow procedure. "I also liked the fact that with Flow, my future has no limitations when it comes to lifestyle and hobbies, which can be the case with some other laser procedures," mentions Liisi.

Now Liisi has sharp vision that enables her to see all the little details in life. For example, her eyesight is instantly clear in the mornings – a great kick start to any day! "Now I enjoy lying down on a couch watching TV, which was sometimes challenging with eye glasses. These days even hugging is more enjoyable – the glasses don’t get in the way!"