KSA eye clinic has re-opened the program for children’s eye examinations

10. April 2015

A vision problem that is discovered too late can remain untreated. To prevent this, we have re-opened the program for children’s eye examinations. We invite children between 6 months and 16 years of age to take a 45 minute examination at our clinics in Tallinn and Tartu for a fee of 39 euros.

Checking children’s eyes at an early age can be crucial, because many illnesses and problems are preventable. Unfortunately most children come to an examination only when it is too late.

Children are expected to take their first official eye test at 6 months, and the second at 2-3 years of age, and then only before they go to school. „We recommend that children take eye examinations more often, as many eye problems are easy to fix, but a couple years of time can complicate things a lot,“ says Kadri Altküla, the service manager at KSA eye clinic. According to her, children should have their eyes examined every 1-2 years. If the child is already wearing glasses, the examination should take place every 6-12 months, unless agreed otherwise.

Lazy eye is treatable when discovered in time

The examination program at KSA eye clinic is targeting youths and children from 6 months of age in order to discover those with preconditions for amblyopia, also known as lazy eye. “We hope to see children who have a refraction error that is considerably different in both eyes, or uncommon for their age, also those with a weaker vision than normal,” explains Ants Haavel, an ophthalmologist and the owner of KSA eye clinic. One of his main goals is to stop children’s eye problems from becoming more common.

Children’s examinations are also done at the optician’s reception and shops. However, the doctor’s waiting lists can extend to months, and it is rare for shops to have equipment necessary for examining little children. “Children’s examinations are challenging. The study needs to be quick, child-friendly and entertaining. The atmosphere is very important. To get adequate and precise readings during this kind of a playful examination, we need modern technology and know-how. KSA has consciously invested in these,“ says Haavel.

A thorough research gives you peace of mind

At KSA, we can perform 5 different tests on a 6-month-old within 20 seconds. Older children are already able to look at eye charts and solve interesting puzzles that give information about their vision.

All examinations are performed by optometrists and nurses. Our ophthalmologists check all data, and guide children to further exams, if needed.