Good vision is essential for skydivers

5. June 2017

Alice Ellamik has been a passionate skydiver for ten years. Given the risks associated with skydiving, she knows how crucial perfect vision is. “The better you can identify your location in both freefall and when gliding with the parachute, the safer the skydive,” tells Alice. 

Skydiving is cool! Alice certainly agrees with that. She did her first skydive in 2004 and since then she has been an active member of the Estonian Skydiving Club, both in the air as a skydiver and on the ground as an assistant. Alice admits that she is addicted to skydiving – despite the small danger, it is a sport that offers an adrenaline rush, incredible speed and an opportunity to get out of your comfort zone.

Drama in the air

Alice has skydived numerous times, yet the most memorable of them was her 30th jump, as she had to use the back-up parachute. “After an exciting freefall I could feel the parachute opening, but then I noticed a bundle that started to twirl me around in the air,” describes Alice of her crazy experience. Luckily she had gone through several training sessions and exercises that helped her to operate rationally in such an unexpected situation. “I freed myself quickly from the faulty parachute and pulled the back-up one open. Only once I was safely back on the ground did I realise how dangerous the situation had been. My legs were shaking for hours after that,” Alice remembers.

The experience was nothing short of terrifying – but it is a very rare occurrence. Alice has had no issues with any of her other skydives. Now that she has gotten rid of refractive error and can see perfectly, her chosen sport is even more enjoyable. “Skydiving can be done with both eyeglasses and contact lenses, as everyone must wear goggles. However, due to the fast speed they can shift unexpectedly whilst in the air,” Alice tells, adding that some people have lost their contact lenses during a skydive.

Great vision in the sky and underwater

“With blurry vision it is hard to steer yourself safely and softly to the landing spot,” Alice says, highlighting the importance of good eyesight for skydivers.

Alice has lived without eyeglasses and contact lenses for two months now. “I really enjoy driving at night now as my vision is clear – the difference is remarkable!,” she tells with great excitement.

Alice also enjoys being able to dive into the water without glasses and seeing the underwater world clearly with her own eyes.