Estonian DJ rocks Dubai

16. November 2016

When Johanna Saarmäe, also known as Juki, started her DJ career in London five years ago, she could not have imagined where she would end up today. The world is her oyster and she changes location every six months.

Johanna, 28, is from Estonia but currently lives in Dubai. The Middle Eastern metropolis is most probably her home only for the next few months, as she is likely to move to a new location soon. The new address depends on where her agency decides to place her.

The current lifestyle suits Johanna perfectly as it allows her to travel and discover the world. "I have been to 44 different countries, which I guess is not bad," she laughs. For the longest duration she has lived in the UK and in China, and she has been in her current home of Dubai for about six months. Johanna has also lived for a year on a cruise ship, working as a DJ and sailing the world.

Challenging job for the eyesight

Johanna admits that her busy lifestyle means that there are no routines and every day is full of action and is unpredictable. "I’ve been following electronic music for a long time – a DJ career was a logical continuation of that," explains Johanna, who as a woman belongs to the minority in this male-dominated industry. "A common misbelief is that as a woman it is easier for me to get invited to play at events, but that is not the case at all," says Johanna. To get a DJ spot at a prestigious place you need to have a good name and strong track record.

Johanna used to wear contact lenses, but the requirements of her chosen career made their use complicated, and it was not always easy to see things at night whilst working on a computer. "During the day I spend a lot of time in front of the computer screen, mixing and putting together playlists. The venues where I DJ are dark, meaning it is even more challenging to see." To improve her working conditions and quality of life in general, Johanna decided to have a Flow procedure at KSA Vision Clinic.

A spontaneous decision

When Johanna recently came to Estonia for a month-long holiday, she had no idea that she would end up getting her vision fixed whilst visiting her home country.

"It wasn’t my plan initially but when I realised I would have time to perfectly recover from the procedure during my holiday, I decided to go for it." In addition to the increased comfort whilst working, travelling is much easier too. "I think that being able to see the world in HD quality is a strong enough reason for anyone to have a Flow procedure!" she encourages others.

When Johanna was wearing contact lenses, she really missed diving. "It seems like a small thing, but I missed the feeling of jumping into the water," laughs Johanna. Now she can freely swim and dive without having to worry about contact lenses.