Could wearing non-prescription glasses damage your vision?

7. January 2016

Wearing non-prescription glasses is popular, but many worry whether this could affect the quality and clarity of our vision. A shorthand answer to this is: no.

”Wearing non-prescription glasses is just like looking through a window. It has no effect on your vision and can not cause short- or long-sightedness,” confirms Kadri Altküla, the service manager at KSA eye clinic. She is also sure that with the rising popularity of different frame designs, more people will wish to wear glasses just for their looks.

Although non-prescription glasses do not damage the eyes, there are a couple of aspects that should be considered. “People are happy to spend money on quality frames, but often prefer the cheapest lenses that cause unpleasant reflections. I can not recommend this,” says Kadri Altküla.

The cheapest non-prescription lenses can cause ugly reflections in photographs and their inner reflections can also be uncomfortable for the wearer. “Invest the extra 20 euros and have your frames fitted with anti-reflective coated lenses,” she recommends.

Lenses come in a choice of coatings, for example a blue tinted coating reduces the amount of glare from electronic devices that causes eye fatigue. Your eyes will be thankful for the extra coating when you spend long periods working on a computer or watching television.