Cationorm artificial tear

For years, KSA Eye Centre has recommended Oxyal eye drops to its patents. However, we have now replaced Oxyal with a new generation of moisturising eye drops called Cationorm, which do not contain any preservatives. People using contact lenses can also use these drops.

Cationorm helps to lubricate, moisturise and protect the outer layer of the eye. The drops ease dry eye symptoms (e.g., in case there is a tingling, itching, burning or sand grain feeling in the eyes) and symptoms that may be related to external factors (e.g., air conditioning, wind, pollution, smoke, dust, dry air in an airplane) or excessive tension in the eyes, caused by working with a computer for a long time.

Initial feedback about Cationorm eye drops has mainly been positive. We kindly ask our patients to give us feedback about the new eye drops, so that we could be certain about their top quality. If for some reason these eye drops do not suit you and you find other eye drops more comfortable, we recommend using the ones you prefer.

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